Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Turn for the Worse

Something's wrong - and I don't know what it is.  Lily is getting worse every day - agitated, burning and itching on hands and feet, and strange thoughts she can't control.  She says they're not hallucinations, but the thoughts are disturbing and upsetting to her.  Tie dyed circles dancing in her head folllowed by tie dyed rain, looking for support for a baby and not being able to find it, all manner of mixed up events.  She's feeling spinning tunnels in her head, dizziness, akathesia.

I'll call Doc D in the morning.  I'm scared.  Is this a downward spiral into psychosis, is it neurological, is it a brain tumor?  I'm afraid to sleep, I want to be right there if she needs me again.

Update - Monday, 8:45 AM

Of course it's not a brain tumor - that was my dark of night mother worry.  I am worried about her.  She got up and was still confused and experiencing thoughts about Invisible People.  She's also confused about small tasks, like how to put berries in a bowl for breakfast.  She had a rough night, anxiety, spinning feeling in her head, akathesia.  I've left a message for Doc D.

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