Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wonder of Wonders

I was concerned about Lily's cycling early in the week - but things are markedly better.  Whew!  We haven't had to add in the Zyprexa, and I'm hoping that her current med cocktail is therapeutically building up in her system.  Because we went up to 50 mg of Lamictal, Lily is a little rashy.  We'll treat that with Benadryl and watch to see if she adjusts and that improves.  Fingers crossed here.

More good news is that we are scheduled to have therapeutic behavior services come in next week, and we are being offered family partnership services as well.  I may get some respite care, which would be such a welcome blessing.

More evidence of Lily's continued improvement:  Lily has been talking to her brother and doing fun things with him.  They're getting along better than they have in more than a year.  No matter how long it lasts, it's a great sign, and so healing!

Best of all, Lily has had these lovely periods of smiling and laughing this week.  At first it looked like it was tied in to some mania, but as that has subsided, the smiles and laughter have surfaced again.  Yes among tears, but still . . .

I am counting my blessings today.

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  1. Honey, you are an amazing Momma! I am so glad that she is showing improvements and so happy that she is being much more interactive and happy with her brother. At our house, the constant irritation, the continuous fighting, and the absolutely infuriating agression toward her brother is something that REALY makes home stressfull. I am happy for you that you might be able have some respite!!!! (((((hugs)))))