Friday, January 14, 2011

Grateful Perspective

I've been preparing a post about our progress, including the frustrations, worries and bumpy road we're on.  Then I opened this morning's paper and saw the feature about Christina Green's memorial.  I looked at the photo of Christina's brother wiping away a tear, and I got real.

Our circumstances are hard, and sometimes sad.  But our blessings are abundant.  Christina is the youngest victim of the incident in Tuscon.  An innocent victim of a disturbed young man.  Her mother, father, brother and friends have been denied the opportunity to play with, teach, resolve conflict with, cook, sing, dance, laugh with . . . love, that beautiful child.

So, today I'm focusing on the lovely quiet start to my daughter's day.  I'm thankful for the peaceful slumber she had last night.  I'm ready to lovingly clean our safe, warm home and cook a nutritious and delicious meal.  I'm going to try to get Lily out for a walk in the cool California sunshine.  Or not.  But I have good intentions, and a plateful of gratitude.  I'm sure I'll return to my own myopic ways in a day or two.  But I'll try to remember to revisit the world of grateful perspective once in a while.

And I'll say my own version of a prayer for Christina's family and all the survivors of the Tuscon tragedy.


  1. Yes, we are truly blessed! Thank you for your perspective.

  2. It is amazing what life can do to perspective. Hang in there.