Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lifelong Prognosis?

I find myself wondering what my daughter's future will be?  She's intolerant of many sounds, and especially words with the "ck" combination.  She's been experiencing more psychosis, possibly linked to an increased use of an inhaler for asthma symptoms.  Her newest tendencies are violent, and as a household, we're struggling with that.  I know stress influences her symptoms, and yet I'm unable to provide a completely stress free environment - we'd need to maintain complete silence, never bring meat into the house, and basically live our lives . . . her way.  Her music, her entertainment choices, her television shows, never venturing out of the house to places she's not comfortable, an impossible task.  She's often afraid, so she can't be alone.

On the flip side, I've been advised to treat her like a normal kid.  Holding normal boundaries, administering normal consequences, or "normal" as typified by our family practices.  But the level of conflict that arises when I do this is horrible.  Screaming, throwing things.  And, the resultant hallucinations?

I'm stymied.  And wondering if she'll always be difficult.  If she'll be able to find enough calm and peace to build healthy relationships.  She can be very sweet and giving.  I've seen it, even as recently as Christmas as she made many gifts for family and friends.  Are we in a very temporary period of trauma?  Will this be a longer period of adjustment, or a lifelong struggle?  I almost wish I believed in psychics and could access someone's crystal ball.


  1. I am here, and I'm reading through your posts. My heart breaks for you and your family. I wanted to welcome you to the group and let you know if there is anything I can do to help let me know! We had a incident with voices a couple months ago as a reaction to Straterra. My daughter became suicidal and it was terrifying. Also, I am a volunteer on CABF's Family Response Team, they have a wealth of information and resources, if you have a question let me know. I look forward to getting to know you better, and I hope beyond hope that our little group can be a safe haven for you.
    ((hugs)) from one Mama in trenches to another!

  2. Also, Mel sends her love! Everyone's had a rough day today (her house and mine) and I believe she's headed to bed. I need these hours of peace to keep my sanity. I'll be up a couple more hours, if you need to chat email at mommylebron {at} yahoo {dot} com. It will come to my blacberry, so I respond quickly.:)

  3. Amanda - it feels like you've thrown me a lifeline! Can't thank you enough for your support and kind wisdom - and will look forward to participating in your new group. Thank you for doing this!

  4. I guess I should read posts cronologically! I know there are good days and there are bad days, but with the "bunny" post (next) I was hoping she was much better on the course of treatment she is on.