Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blissful Moments

Do you hear that?  The long, soft, quiet sigh?  That's me, breathing through the end of Lily's second week in school . . . aaaahhhh . . .

It's premature as tomorrow is Friday, but today was a landmark day.  I dropped Lily off at 7:40 this morning, and before I could get on the freeway, she called to say she didn't feel well and would be calling after turning in her work, to come home.  I asked her to hang in there, try to breathe deep and stick it out.  Then I phoned the school psychologist, who graciously informed me that they have a plan in place for Lily.

Oh - My - Goodness.  Really.  They have agreed to route Lily through the nurse's office to her case manager/tutorial teacher, who will then work with Lily to help her regain her composure and stay in school.  And it worked.  The last couple of years at middle school, the office always had Lily call me to come and pick her up if she came in with a somatic complaint.  I always felt I had no choice.  If the nurse calls, you go pick up your kid.

Until now.  They're on it.

So I went to my classes.  I admired the sun and mountains and reservoir on the way.  I got to campus early and nibbled on watermelon and read before class.  Then I waltzed and spun and laughed.  I sat through my philosophy lecture without dozing off.  I had a healthy sandwich for lunch and then went for a swim.

Is this my life?  I feel almost like I'm dreaming, but not quite, because I don't want to miss one moment of each blessed day.  I'm listening to music I like, walking, feeling a delicious sense of peace that I've so missed.

And Lily is cracking jokes, doing her homework, getting up and pulling her things together for her day.  She looks really good, happy a lot more, and less zoned out.

That's not to say things are perfect.  She can still have emotional outbursts and be difficult when she's upset.  But the periods of happiness and productivity are amazing.  This is so good for all of us.


  1. I'm glad to hear things are going better for both of you. Hope it continues. Lily's school sounds great. Is she in a public high school?

  2. Hi B-Mom, Yes, Lily is in public school and it looks like it may be a much better year. I;m about to post the latest. Hope Bug is settling in to the new school year too!